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VW T6 Washer Bottle Screen Wash Level Sensor Upgrade Kit
Complete Kit To Activate Dash Warning For Low Screen Wash Level

Washer Bottle With Integral Level Sensor & All Required Wiring & Connectors

This kit will activate the inbuilt warning lamp on your existing instrument cluster when screen wash level gets low

The kit consists of a

  • Replacement washer bottle with integral level sensor
  • Electrical housing/connector plug to connect to sensor
  • Prewired cabling loom to wire into vehicle

This kit is supplied with a larger capacity washer bottle that holds approximately 1-2L extra so is suitable for vehicles with or without headlight wash

If your vehicle does not have headlight wash an additional rubber gasket and bung plug is supplied to seal the additional outlet in the washer bottle

Please note although the fitting of this kit is relatively straight forward and requires no special tools you will need to remove the front bumper to get access to the washer bottle to change it and you will need to remove your instrument cluster to plug the additional preterminated cable into the back of it.

After installation VCDS/VagCom will be required to change one setting in the software of your vehicle