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VW Quadlock/Fusebox Crimp Connector Inserts x 4
Four Genuine Volkswagen Crimp Connectors For Stereo Quadlock / Fusebox

Genuine Volkswagen Crimp Insert Connector

Genuine Volkswagen crimp connector inserts used to populate spare ways in the fusebox or quadlock connector on stereo or carry out repairs to a variety of connections throughout the van

These connectors are perfect for wiring in additional rear speakers to any van/kombi and being genuine VW are far superior quality to generic cheap alternatives, these inserts have double metal barbs to locate into quadlock connector and double metal plates on the connector itself ensuring it doesnt come loose over time and will fit cable sizes upto 2.5mm

To connect wires to these terminals you can use pliers but for a superior connection we recommend the use of a proper crimp tool, if you require these connectors pre terminated please get in touch with your requirements and we will be happy to arrange a price to terminate these onto short flyleads or your choice of cable size/length.